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Opening specialized center of Expression attended by Ayatollah Aarafi.

According to the report of the Media Center at the Al-Mustafa University; Ayatollah Aarafi in the ceremony of the opening of this center, while congratulation of Imam Alis birth and appreciation form attempt of brokers of practical training, skill and propaganda of Al-Mustafa University in central organization, Schools, institutions and complexes, noted: the formation of center "Expression" that choosing its name implies Al-Mustafa Universitys responsibility and mission and we considered good and congratulate the beginning of its activities to all servants of all arena.

The president of Al-Mustafa University at the end stated some of the expectations of the specialized center and added: wisdom, tastes and look to approximation between sects should be epigraph of activity of this center. Today, the Muslim world is needy to unity between Islamic Sects and on this matter emphasized all scholars, Jurists and our elders in the seminary.

In the beginning of the ceremony "Hojjatoleslam Saleh" cultural and educational assistant of Al-Mustafa University, read report of activities from group education -applied and skills - cultural and propaganda of this department.