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Starting to enroll for examination of level four of Al-Mustafa University;

Starting to enroll for examination of level four of Al-Mustafa University;

According to the report of the Media Center at the Al-Mustafa University; enrollment for examination of level four of Al-Mustafa University was begun in various disciplines on 27/01/1393.

In the communiqué reads: examination of level four will be held in multiple disciplines according to training centers which is as follows:


1 - Complex of higher education  Imam Khomeini 

- Identification of Ahl Al-Bayt;

- Interpretation and Quranic Sciences tendency of comparative interpretation;

- Comparative Hadith Sciences

- Islamic Mysticism

- Islamic Philosophy

- Islamic theology.

- Comparative studies of Ahl Al-Bayt and Hanafi ;

- Comparative theology studies of Ahl Al-Bayt and sunni with emphasis on Salafism.

2 - Complex of Higher Education jurisprudence

- Jurisprudence and Principles

- Jurisprudence and Islamic Studies biased on Interpretation of the Quran and Science

- Jurisprudence and Islamic Studies trends in Islamic Philosophy

- Jurisprudence and Islamic Studies (trend of Islamic Theology)

- Jurisprudence and Islamic Studies (trend in Islamic history )

3 - Al Al-Bayt University

- Jurisprudence and Islamic Studies

4 - Representative of Lebanon

- Jurisprudence and Principles

5 - Representation of Syria

- Jurisprudence and Islamic Studies


It is noted that; registration deadline in this examination is from 01/27/1393 during 10 days and enthusiasts for studying in any discipline can reference to link acceptance (sampa) and enroll.