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  Introduction of Research Deputy

The Language and Culture Studies Institute is one of the specialized centers of Jameat Al Mustafa Al Alamyah that its main mission is training specialized preachers;  managers; teachers; and experts in the field of Islamic studies who are familiar with language and culture of different countries from among the seminary students of religious sciences. Accordingly; by clarifying goals and determining priorities; strategies; policies; and research procedures; within the framework of fulfilling the major research goals of Jameat Al Mustafa Al Alamyah and accomplishing and announcing them to the respective parts; the research deputy of Language and Culture Studies Institute has trained qualified researchers.
Policies  plans
 Moving towards training qualified researchers in the field of Islamic and cultural studies to inform in written the global audience with different languages.
 Using two tools of language and culture to inform via the target language. 
 Ranking the produced research packages regarding the major goals and understanding the special audience.
 Planning to update the research plans and activities in the Institute.
 Accounting needs and determining research priorities of the Institute in the form of midterm and long term plans.
 Forming and updating the research council of the Institute as the consulting hand of the deputy.
 Founding scientific associations for training scientific groups for updating the scientific findings with the supervision of research scholars.
 Estimating and setting the annual research budget and pursuing the disbursement of the approved budget during the year for research contracts.
 Supporting the research proposals of teachers and students after their approval in the research council.
 Carrying out relevant scientific and specialized conferences; meetings and workshops.
 Procuring research services for the teachers; researchers; and students.
 Settling and directing the students’ works towards in training researches and theses.
 Translating respective texts into foreign languages in cooperation with line and staff units.
 Connection and cooperation with higher education centers and research institutes in the framework of general policies of the Institute.
 Enriching the specialized library of the Institute regarding the specialized books and periodicals da ta  ba nks.
 Providing electronic educational syllabus design and digital library
 Starting the specialized site of language and culture and its scientific support.
 Providing the annual operation report in the research deputy.