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Introduction of education deputy

The education deputy of the Language and Culture Studies Institute started its educational activities at the same time with the official beginning of the Institute in 2006 by admitting students in Persian language and literature in bachelor grade and so far, beside expanding its educational activities, has tried to have an important role in training cognizant seminary students, scholars, and leaders of Quranic guidance and Islamic civilization thinking in order to play a role in different fields of education, research, culture, preaching and management in the world and also protection of Islamic specialized sciences and knowledge in different languages.
Carrying out 11 bachelor courses of Persian language and literature, 4 master courses of Persian language and literature, 3 courses of Russian language, 6 courses of English language, 3 courses of TOEFL, 3 courses of Arabic language, 3 courses of French language, one course of Chinese language, one course of Turkish language, and some other limited courses of other languages are among expansive educational activities of this center.
Right now, the educational deputy of Language and Culture Studies Institute continues its educational activities with 71 teachers who are faculty, cooperative, and hourly-paid members and 259 Iranian and non-Iranian students.
Running all educational affairs, examining and decision making about educational affairs with the consultation of Institute officials, supervising the examination of educational rules and bylaws, planning educational affairs, supervising the appropriate execution of educational plans and activities, recruiting and choosing genius seminary students interested in international activities, recruiting teachers, founding and commencing new majors and preparing the needed educational processes of the Institute are among the duties and responsibilities of the educational deputy of the Institute.