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Mission statement:

The Language and Culture Studies Institute of Jameat Al-Mustafa Al-Alamyah is an educational, training, and research based institute that lays the ground for recognizing and understanding the thinking, cultural, historical, and social changes of the world nations by educating and training the Iranian and non-Iranian seminary geniuses to provide the human force proportionate with the international missions of Al-Mustafa, training language and culture scholars in the Hawzah of Qom to play a role in different fields of education, research, culture-preaching and management in the area of language and culture.
This institute has laid the ground for creating new and valuable works by relying on abilities and the divine determination and will (non-pecuniary)of its teachers, managers, clerks and students, by the use of Hawzah historical background, scientific resources and original customs, by emphasizing on the use of modern technologies, by making connection with similar national international centers and exchanging scientific-research findings and information, researchers, teachers and students, by training efficient human force in the international missions of Al-Mustafa, by providing specialized consulting services in the area of language and culture to the staff and units of Al-Mustafa and similar establishments, and by carrying on short term and long term courses of language and culture.